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High quality fastening and grounding solutions for the wholesale market and OEM industry

Welcome at JMV

JMV is a leading manufacturer and supplier of metal and plastic grounding and fastening products, with focus on materials for fitting techniques and OEM panel builders. Thanks to a high service level and attractive margins, JMV is a preferred supplier of all major European wholesalers and several larger customers in the OEM industry.

Grounding materials

  • JMV offers a wide range of grounding purposes like personal safety, lightning protection, EMC or industrial use (for example ATEX).
  • An extensive range of earth clamps, grounding rods, terminal bars and other grounding materials is available.

Fastening solutions

  • The JMV program offers solutions for tube, wire, pipe or cable applications.
  • One can choose from plastic (HDPE), aluminium, stainless, zinc plated or varnished steel. Also fastening possibilities in copper and brass materials are part of the product range.
  • JMV delivers also brackets, bolts, nail clips, mounting rails and screws for mounting of tubes in all sorts and sizes (from 2 to 100 mm). The molds for cutting are designed and maintained in house.

Flexibility comes first
JMV can easily adjust to higher and lower production volumes. A lean process, short lines and excellent logistical performance assure that JMV can quickly anticipate on customer demands.

Customization for OEM
JMV offers OEM manufacturers opportunities for outsourcing smaller and larger components, e.g.  specific dimensions of Din rail and brass terminal bars. Through years of experience and a well trained staff, JMV can anticipate on both large and small volumes.
Due to an extensive network of sources in India and China, in many aspects JMV is the ideal partner, with competitive pricing and yet all advantages of a professional and reliable supply chain.
Thanks to smart improvements, the end user appreciates the products of JMV. This means practically that JMV products distinguish themselves in ease of installation, sustainability, efficiency and also in esthetic design.

JMV has 60 years of production experience in fastening and grounding materials:

  • Reliable logistics
  • Interesting pricing
  • Wide product range
  • Innovative products

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JMV is part of the Hemmink group.